TkMonitor - a modular temperature logger system

TkMonitor Temperatur-Logger

TkMonitor is a newly developed modular temperature data logger system. Sensor cables with a variable number of integrated temperature sensors are combined to custom measuring configurations and connected to a control unit containing a temperature recorder capable to automatically execute measurements in user defined time intervals.

The battery is backed by a solar panel, allowing completely unattended operation for periods up to several month.


  • Several hundred meters of total cable length and several hundred sensors, small cable diameter (less than 10 mm).
  • The temperature recorder only takes a few seconds for a complete recording even in large measuring networks.
  • Unattended long-term measurements in user defined time intervals.
  • Permanent data storage. Transfer to a computer during or after the measuring job.
  • Robust outdoor design.
  • Software for data transfer and analysis included (multi user license).


Use the TkMonitor logger system everywhere you wish to monitor temperatures within a temperature range of -30 to +85° Celsius, indoor or outdoor. TkMonitor is particularly suited to monitor the thermal state of large measuring networks in short time intervals. Just some examples:

  • Leakage detection in dams or construction sites
  • Storage facilities for food, fuel or other goods
  • Agriculture (especially greenhouses)
  • Groundwater (flow processes and contamination)
  • Temperature monitoring of high voltage power cables
  • Environmental monitoring (e.g. landfill sites or biological processes)
  • Geothermal problems