Modular System

TkMonitor temperature logger - 3-way hubThe modular structure of the TkMonitor temperature data logger system allows individual measuring configurations built from sensor cables of different length and sensor spacings, 3-way hubs, 2-way switches, extension cables and adapters. The sensor cable network is connected to a central temperature recorder unit which controls the measurements and stores the data. All connected cables register themselves with the control unit.

Large Sensor Cable Networks

TkMonitor temperature logger - 2-way switchUsing hubs and switches, cables of different length and with distinct sensor spacings can be plugged together to form large two- or three-dimensional measuring configurations with several hundred meters of total cable length and several hundred sensors. As a bus system, TkMonitor uses a constant cable diameter independent of the dimensions of the monitored area and the total number of sensors connected.

Short Measuring Times

TkMonitor temperature logger - sensor cableAs all sensors of a cable are measured simultaneously, it takes no longer than a few seconds to register the temperature values of the whole measuring network. While many temperature data loggers fail to record sufficient measuring points in sufficiently short time intervals for large objects or areas (as often required in environmental monitoring), TkMonitor achieves a quasi-continuous registration of the thermal state in very short time intervals even for extensive measuring configurations.

Unattended Long Term Operation

TkMonitor temperature logger - temperature recorderThe control units are designed for cyclic long-term measurements in user defined time intervals. After configuring and starting a measuring job, the system can operate unattended for periods up to several month. Operating time is maximized by reducing power consumption to a minimum, by using automatic power saving mechanisms and backing the battery by a solar panel.

Data Storage and Transfer

TkMonitor temperature logger - underwater adapterData are saved permanently in non-volatile memory independent of the unit's power supply and can be transferred to a PC or notebook after finishing or at any time during a measuring job.

Robust Outdoor Design

TkMonitor logger-system - underwater y-adapterThe system is designed for outdoor use. The control unit is protected against dust entry and occasional flooding (IP 66), the cables are equipped with an abrasion proof PUR jacket and have either splash proof (IP 67) or underwater connectors (IP 68).