TK04 Thermal Conductivity Meter

  • Thermal Conductivity Meter TK04
  • Needle Probe (VLQ) for TK04
  • probe for plane surfaces (HLQ)
  • Software-controlled Measuring and Evaluation
  • Wide application range
  • Large Needle Probe for field use
  • Additional Evaluation- and Analysis Software

We manufacture and distribute the high precision thermal conductivity meter TK04, designed for fast testing of solids, fragments, powder and viscous liquids. TK04 uses the well-established transient line source or needle probe method and complies with ASTM D5334-08.

Different probe types and sizes can be connected for testing thermal conductivity of a wide range of sample materials in the laboratory and in the field. Probes are chosen by the user to match the material type and available sample sizes.

A software package for fully automated, software-controlled measuring and evaluation is included. It provides automatic correction of sample temperature drift and assists the user with verifying correct sample preparation and stable measuring conditions.

A detailed manual and application notes for different thermal conductivity testing tasks help with setup and operation of TK04.

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